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Why does contour matter?

Do looks matter to you?

They must if you take the time to put show blanket on. Flat blankets lay strait between your contour saddle and contour underpad. Your saddle squishes them down when you put it on. This creates a bundle of wool mess right where you sit, and intern usually pulls the corners in and shows your underpad. What's the point of putting a pretty cover over your underpad if it just going to stick out from underneath. (But more importantly)..... Don't you think your horse can feel that bundle of wool mess right in the middle of it's back?!


Our mission

Our mission was simple.... Create a show blanket that fit well and looked good too!


Mission acchomplished!  Cuttinup Show Blankets are the only show blanket on the market with a contour shape built into the pattern.  This wasn’t an easy feat.  These blankets have to be made on handlooms by expert weavers, to build the contour shape.  This creates a slightly looser weave which also gives you a softer feel for the blanket itself.  Flat blankets are made with automatic looms, which creat a tighter weave and stiffer feel, it also alows for mass production more extensive detail and faster less expensive product.  Cuttinup has created a more more unique hand woven product, that fits better. Given all that we still brought it to you at reasonable price often times much less than the “finest” flat blankets on the market.

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