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Cuttinup Products Gallery


Test Pattern Week

Friday May 24th

Public release throughout the day in Cuttinup Show Blankets FaceBook Group

May 24th-May 30th

Posting content of all test patterns on all CSB social media.  Comment & tag retailers on your favorites, so they'll know what you want.

May 31st

FaceBook Live in CSB FB Group introducing the post of the video drawing.  This is how you'll know where you can purchase each pattern.

June 1st 2024

Retailers may offer their test patterns for sale to the public.

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Our Official Team Cuttinup Retailers

We have and amazing team of Cuttinup Retailers from mobile boutique retailers to large brick and mortars. Click the link below to find one near you.


Our Sponsored riders

As a community, we give back to the society through our sponsored riders. These riders have won different awards and these partnerships involve the rider endorsing and promoting the brand's products or services, often through the display of logos or wearing branded apparel while participating in their respective activities.

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