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Cuttinup Show Blankets

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  • Cuttinup Care

  • Upcoming & Past Patterns

  • Cuttinup Sizing

  • Annual Careity Foundation Pattern

  • Cuttinup Show Blankets Retirement Program

  • Honoring Horsewomen

  • Pattern Naming Nominations

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality contoured show blankets, they have earned the trust and admiration of some of the worlds most talented and respected horsemen and horsewoman. Their blankets are crafted with precision and expertise, using the finest materials to ensure durability and comfort for both the horse and rider. With a wide range of exquisite designs and colors, Cuttinup Show Blankets adds an element of elegance and sophistication with out sacrificing your horses ability to perform at it's very best! No matter what equine disciple your partake in, their blankets make a bold statement reflecting your individual tastes, but still providing your equine athlete every advantage possible.

To purchase our Cuttinup Show Blankets, click the button bellow to find one of our amazing Team Cuttinup Retailers.

View up close photos of all Cuttinup Show Blanket Patterns since 2022, click to photo and browse.  For patterns previous to 2022 please send up message us and we'l try to located the photos of the pattern you're searching for.  At this time we are still gather records to add to this new site, once we finish we hope to have photos of every pattern we have ever produced on this site.  Bare with, there are a lot of them. 

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Cuttinup care


Caring for your Cuttinup.....

One of the most common questions asked by our customers is how do I care for my blanket?

The best thing you can do for your blanket is to scotchgard it before using. As there is no completely safe way to wash them, some colors may bleed when water is run over them. Sweat rarely causes this but large amounts of water can. This happens with all show blankets, some companies just won't admit it. All blankets ship out from us in a protective plastic bag that can be used for years. We recommend storing the blanket in that bag when not in use.

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Cuttinup Show Blankets patterns

Scroll down to see each pattern launch by year and season. 

With our exclusive retirement program some patterns may no longer available for purchase.
Contact your Team Cuttinup Retailer to inquire about availability. 

For more information on our retirement program scroll down this page.

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The Twiggy size is approximately 34”not to exceed 35" along the spine and approximately 40” not to exceed 41" around the barrel, this is the only size that will completely cover The Diamond Wool Contour Comfort Cutter. This is the most common size to ensure complete coverage over any underpad.  The Twiggy size is comparable to "The Oversize" in flat blankets as far as dimensions, but coves more ground as flat blanket get scrunched down when a saddle is apply and actually shrink the coverage length.  Thus under saddle, a contour blanket will appear long than an oversize flat blanket.

The Chiquita

The Chiquita size is at least 32” and not to exceed 33" along the spine and at least 38”and not to exceed 39" around the barrel  This is the size chosen with a shorted backed horse.  This size covers most underpads failry well.  You will like likely see a hint of your underpad with thicker very contour underpads.  However, you can still trust the clean fit under your saddle on a contour show blanket can provide.

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Introducing Our First Annual Careity Foundation Pattern!


We are excited to announce our newest program to support The Careity Foundation!!!

As you may know, we are extremely focused on giving back to the folks that support us!  The Careity Foundation is an amazing foundation that connects the horse world to those fighting Cancer.  We have been working with them a while to find away we could support their mission. 

Starting this fall we will be launching one pattern each year in honor of a Horsewoman who battled Cancer.  The entire run of that pattern will be donated to The Careity Foundation.  That means 100% of the SALES, not just the profits, from that pattern will go directly to The Careity Foundation.   This is an exciting and fun way to give back and we are honored to support this amazing foundation!

The 2023 Careity Foundation blanket is The Mamma Monica, named after Monica Russo owner of Mamma Monica Italian Restaurant in Weatherford, Texas.  Monica is the mother of Team Cuttinup Rider, Davide Facincani, a dear fiend to Cuttinup Show Blankets and a cancer surviver!  This concept was inspired as a way to pay forward Monica's extensive support for Cuttinup!  We truly love Mamma Monica and we appreciate her continued support.

Follow this link to purchase directly from The Careity Foundation!

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Cuttinup Show Blankets Pattern Retirement Program

What the heck is pattern retirement, you ask?

We're glad you asked!  Its one of the ways we take care of our customer. Because we care about your investment long after the purchase moment.

We limit production on EVERY pattern we produce.

The most we make of any pattern is 50 blankets, 35 twiggy size and 15 Chiquita size.... and that's not for all patterns, some we make as little as, 20 twiggy size and 5 chiquita size.

Our reasoning for this is to protect YOU as a consumer. Limiting number of production keeps their value strong when we release them, and potentially makes them more valuable after they sell out.

When you purchase one of our blankets you are a purchasing from a company that cares about you!  We obviously care as much about your horse's ability to perform  with ease, as we were the FIRST  to bring you a line of products that gave you a beautiful blankets which also fits and does not restrain your horse's ability to perform. 

But we also care about YOUR investment in us!  We want your purchase to hold or potentially increase in value and we are creating a situation where someone would have to purchase from you to get a retirement pattern, instead of just producing more and making the sale ourselves! 

This is one of the many reasons WE are #TheLeaderInContourShowBlankets and it also why... #ChampionsChoseCuttinup


Frequently asked question about our retirement program...

What defines retirement?

When blankets go into retirement, that means they are no longer available for our retailers to purchase from our warehouse.  Full retirement means you likely will not find them with any of our retailers, as they have been in retirement long enough they are likely completely sold out everywhere. 

How quickly do blankets retire?

With our tremendous growth over the last few years our blankets retire faster and faster.  We've even had blankets enter retirement in pre order sales!  Some of our most faithful followers watch our upcoming line sheets and are ready to pounce as soon as pre orders open, just for that reason. 

What happens After Retirement?...

The best part of our retirement program is how it affects you as the consumer.  Our blankets sometime increase in value after they retire!

We created and maintain a thriving FaceBook group called,  Cuttinup Show Blankets Facebook Group,  for buying and selling blankets after retirement.  People post in search of posts and trade their Cuttinups all the time.  If there's a blanket you missed out in production, it's a great source to find it.  


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Honoring Horsewomen One Pattern at Time

Did you know the name of your blanket is a real person?

This was one of our favorite parts of our company and one of the many ways we give back to the industry!  

All our Cuttinup Show Blankets patterns are named after horsewomen. From world champions to horse show moms, horse show secretaries, lopers, grooms, etc.

Why just horsewomen, you ask?.... Because so much of the behinds the scenes happens just because there's a little girl that loves horses and cares enough to see that the day to day not so glorious details are taken care of and things run smoothly.  Wether she's a wife, a mom, a sister, or just a fan that craves it. Horsewomen are often the unsung heroes keeping the cowboy's life strait. We love our cowboys, but we are so thankful for our cowgirls!

Do you know a horsewomen, either inside or outside of the show pen, that deserves a blanket?..... Tell us about it.  We'd love to include her in our next pattern line up.

To nominate, fill out the contact form .  Tell us all about her and why you think she's worthy!

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