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But First, What's The Authentic??


We’ve revolutionized the show blanket industry once again!

The Authentic was a dream of our founder...

The Authentics are a spin off of our contour show blankets. The process of building a contour shape into the wither and SI areas creates a looser thicker weave. Although we use the same quality and types of wools as the best quality flat show blankets our blankets result in a looser weave. This creates a softer feel, but it remains to be seen the actual endurance of a show blanket with a slightly looser weave. Although we’ve had no issues with endurance, our founder longed to replicate elegance and beauty of the small historic rugs used as show blankets back in the day, that stemmed her love and fascination with beautiful show blankets.

Since our launch in 2019, she’s worked countless hours with weavers, questioning techniques and testing finer wools, to help create her dream. A show blanket that had all the look, feel and durability of a historical blanket or rug that also had our contour shape, we’re so well known for. It’s been a task, but in the fall of 2022, the dream became a reality... The Authentic was born!

Physical Difference

The Authentic is nearly half the thickness of our regular Cuttinups. The way we achieve that is a higher quality wool with a tighter weave on specially adapted hand looms.  Flat blankets are made on automatic looms that can create a very tight weave with a lesser quality wool. Contour blankets must be made on hand looms to build the contour shape. This makes it very difficult to get the same tight weave as you see below. The tightness can effect several factors from appearance to endurance. We’ve been testing wools and making adjustments for almost 3 years now, trying to achieve this product. It’s been a task, but we’ve finally done it! 


How it will effect the durability & life expectancy.

Upon site there is no question these blankets are the absolute highest quality product the saddle blankets industry has ever seen, but the most thrilling aspect of these it the potential to out live their athletes.  The history flat saddle blankets these are modeled after have surpassed the test of time and held up to use for 30-40 years.  We expect their contour descendants to match that incredible test.  

How we are protecting your investment...

We know we had created something unique and unmatched.  However, we also had created something much more expensive to make.  Our goal has never been to simply sell blankets to make money.  Our goals revolve around our love and admiration of the equine athlete and the industry the sounds them.  With the high price tag these blankets would require, we knew we needed to protect our customers investment.  Extremely limited production was the only answer.  How limited you may be asking?...

1 blanket in each size for each pattern. 

No more than 50 total patterns each year

 Once purchased each owner is provided a certificate of authenticity

How to spot an The Authentic Show Blanket...

​Authentic are easy to spot beyond their obvious high quality look of elegance and class there are certain tip offs.... Authentics are all based off of historic patterns either by full replica or by aspects from the originals.  Most Authentics have tassels in the corners, . You wont see our regular CSB wither tag you've come to recognize.... we tag these on the underside to hide it's presence and preserve the blankets historic beauty.  Authentics are also number, not named like our original contoured show blankets.  Each blanket is number based on size, order and year produced.  For example the first  pattern produced in 2024 is be labeled 001-100-2024 & 002-100-2024.  001-100-2024 being the twiggy size and 002-100-2024 being the chiquita size for that pattern. We are currently creating a data base on our website to view past and presently available Authentics with their owner of record if applicable.

These are currently only available in our sponsorship booths at Major Events.  Shoot an email to to find out more.

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