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The Alltimate

                                                         - a 3s Custom Equine & Cuttinup Collaboration

No we didn't spell ultimate wrong.....  The Alltimate is a horseman's version of "all-in-one pad & show blanket"!  Shaun of 3S Custom Equine, known for creating high quality equine sports products, wanted to created a full show pad with the elegance and beauty of a show blanket.  He reach out to our founder after learning about our blankets.  The concept of our blankets initially being built contour in the weaving process opened the door to created a full pad in which all the parts were designed to fit together, allowing for the ultimate performance experience.  The options already on the market, where either made with flat blankets or sewn together to build in the wither relief sought our in the high performance horse world.  His vision of using our product which was already created with this aspect in mind paid off and in 2023 The Alltimate was born.  


"The Ultimate All-In-One Show Pad"


Now available through
3s Custom Equine
Cuttinup Western Boutique.

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